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Report It! Campaign
The Public Schools Branch (PSB) is excited to announce the launch of its "Report It!" campaign in all schools on October 18th, aiming to empower students to report school-related incidents and ensure they can do so in a manner that is most comfortable for them. The "Report It!" campaign will focus on promoting the importance of reporting school related incidents such as bullying, theft and violence while reinforcing the message that students should inform their parents, guardians, teachers, school counselors, principals or other trusted adults when they need support. Recognizing the diverse preferences of students, the campaign will offer multiple reporting options, including verbal, written and online methods. The online form, a new and innovative approach, allows students to submit reports anonymously, offering them an additional layer of privacy and security. Similar reporting options have been successfully implemented in other jurisdictions across the country.

For more information about the Report It! campaign or to make an online report, please visit or follow the link from our school website.