Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans

Souris Regional Bursaries

The following bursaries are specific to Souris Regional Students and are selected by teachers in June based on the criteria specified: Students need to fill out the Grad Prize form on the Grad Google Classroom page to be considered.

J. Jarvis Stewart Memorial Scholarship – $500.00

  • awarded to a graduating student in the English language School Board who plans to pursue a post secondary program of studies in Christian Education.
  • completed application may be forwarded to the Kids Count Office by April 30th

Percy Lavers Memorial Bursaries – $300.00

  • awarded to a graduating student from Souris Regional
  • financial need
  • has demonstrated good academic standing, character and general progress
  • completed applications may need to be forwarded to the School Counsellor’s Office

Joe and Kay MacIssac Bursary – $250.00

  • awarded to a graduating student from Souris Regional who resides in Bear River
  • has demonstrated a constant and sustained effort over the high school years
  • has been accepted at a post secondary institute and displays an interest in History
  • automatically considered if Prize Information Sheet is forwarded to the school Counsellor’s Office

Margaret Lavie Slattery Scholarship – $200.00

  • awarded to a graduating student from Souris Regional showing academic success and continuing on to University/college
  • automatically considered if Prize Information Sheet is forwarded to the school Counsellor’s Office

Kaylee Dawn Jackson Memorial Bursary – $1000.00

  • awarded to a deserving student graduating Souris Regional student who has the ability to:
    • inspire others,
    • has shown concern and encouragement to fellow students
    • has shown constant and sustained effort to maintain good academic standing during their high school years
    • has been accepted and plans to attend Holland College
  • automatically considered if Prize Information Sheet is forwarded to the school Counsellor’s Office

Tyler MacPhee Memorial Bursary – $1000.00

  • awarded to a graduating student from Souris Regional who has been accepted to Saint Francis Xavier University, if no one, than a student attending post secondary in Atlantic Canada
  • student who demonstrates a love of life shown through kindness, compassion, and camaraderie towards his or her peers
  • automatically considered if prize Information Sheet is forwarded to the school Counsellor’s Office

Catherine and Melvin McQuaid Memorial Scholarship – $1000.00

  • awarded to a graduating student from Souris Regional who plans to attend University of Prince Edward Island the following fall semester
  • has not been the recipient of any other scholarship
  • demonstrated a sense of community or school commitment through school activities or volunteer work in the community
  • automatically considered if prize Information Sheet is forwarded to the school Counsellor’s Office.

Schulich Leader Scholarship
Schulich Leaders are selected by the universities.
In order to become a Schulich Leader, one must be a Schulich Leader Nominee enrolling in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) Program at one of the twenty designated Canadian Universities. Each school can nominate one student.
Eligibility Requirements:
At least two of the following attributes:

  • Academic excellence
  • Demonstrated leadership in school life and community life, or provided evidence of entrepreneurial talent
  • Financial need

Applicants must submit the following:

  • One page essay on why you feel you should be nominated for the scholarship
  • List the name of the university/universities you wish to attend as well as what program you are interested in pursuing
  • Two letters of recommendation. At least one must be academic.

Number: 1
Value:$80,000 over 4 years

University of Guelph - President’s and Chancellor’s Scholarships

These scholarships include a research assistantship position and mentorship by one of Guelph’s leading professors. These scholarships reward top students and recognize academic excellence. Students must achieve a 90% to apply .Must apply online

Number: 12
Value: $32,000 (over 4 years)

The Brandon Walli “Phones Down, Eyes Up” Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

  • Program: Arts, Creative Arts, or Music
  • Study Year: Grade 12
  • Grades: 65 – 100%
  • Volunteer Experience

The Brandon Walli “Phones Down, Eyes Up” Memorial Scholarship is open to students graduating in 2020 who are pursuing a post-secondary education in music and the arts.

Who should apply:  High school students graduating in 2020 who are focusing on Arts, Creative Arts, or Music in their secondary school studies.
We are looking for students who also have community and volunteer experience.

To apply: Complete the Brandon Walli Memorial Scholarship Application Form.


Kin Canada Bursary
This bursary is awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need, community and school involvement and knowledge of Kin Canada. Applicants must be Canadian citizens and can apply to their local club.

Deadline: February 1 (of each year)
Number: 48 (Nationally)
Value: $1000

Western University National Scholarship
National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. They are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance to candidates who demonstrate ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning. National Scholarships also recognize exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities such as the arts and athletics. A special emphasis placed on candidate’s commitment to community service through ongoing contributions to school and community life.
Applicants must be Canadian citizens or a permanent resident. All applicants must have obtained overall academic average of 90% on all Grade 12 (621) Courses.
Deadline: February 14th
Number: Varies (1-30)
Value: Varies ($2500-$65,000)

RBC Aboriginal Student Award Program
You are eligible to apply to the RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program if you are a Status Indian, a Non-status Indian, Inuit or Métis and meet these criteria:
• You are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
• You have applied or are currently attending an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada
• You maintain a full course load that leads to a recognized degree, certificate or diploma
• You have at least two years remaining in post-secondary academic program
• You require financial assistance to pursue your education
Deadline: February 28
Number: 10
Value: up to $4000


IWK Research Services Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarship

To be considered for one of three Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarships valued at $2500, grade 12 students in the Maritimes must intend on continuing their education at a Maritime post-secondary institution (college or university) in a field that will enhance research and/or innovation in health care. Nursing students will not be considered.

Awards will be issued as follows:
One in Nova Scotia One in New Brunswick One in Prince Edward Island

Include: a cover letter, essay, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. The cover letter should explain why they are interested in a particular area of health research and/or innovation and how their post-secondary education will help them pursue their research goals. The essay must be written using scientific evidence to explain the specific area of health research and/or innovation they would like to pursue and how their research and/or innovation could potentially contribute to the health and well-being of children, women and families in the Maritimes. The student must provide one Academic Reference (e.g. a teacher who can speak to their marks and school performance) and one Character Reference (e.g. a coach or boss who can speak to sportsmanship or work ethic). Lastly the student must provide their Grades 11 and 12 (in progress) transcripts, and have a minimum average of 75%

The deadline for applications will be March 1,2023 and notification of the winners will be made in June.

For more information please visit their website at If you have any questions regarding this scholarship please contact

Grade 12 students applying to UPEI

Good News! UPEI updated their scholarship format. Students are now able to apply for a majority of entrance awards by filling out just one form online.  The application portal is now live!  Students are free to apply.

UPEI Entrance Award Cycle (PDF) 
Learn more about the UPEI Entrance Award Cycle 

The only additional scholarship applications you would need to submit additional information is for the following:
Harrison McCain Scholarships
Michael S. Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Wanda Wyatt Scholarships
Glenda Mackinnon-Peters Engineering Scholarship
Father Charlie MacDonald Engineering Scholarship

The deadline remains March 1st for all submissions.  Please keep in mind that we will be on spring break on March 1st, it would be best to have this completed before February 18th!

UNB Currie Scholarship

awarded annually to students beginning an undergraduate degree program at UNB in any of the four Atlantic Provinces. 

  • submit an essay (not less than 250 words) giving selection committee an indication of their leadership capabilities, including school and extra-curricular activities. Required in the essay is evidence of overcoming barriers or difficult situations.

Deadline: March 1 (each year)      Number: 4

Value: $50,000.

Canadian Association of Principals (CAP) Student Leadership Award

Allows principals the opportunity to recognize one of their student leaders and to enter that student as a nominee for a national scholarship. 


• nominate one student leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. Nominees should be in the top 20% of their class – an average of 80% or above.

• Leadership in school activities (1 – 25 points)

• Leadership in community activities (1 – 25 points)

• Academic achievement (1-25 points)

• 250 words, on how you have demonstrated your leadership abilities to foster a safe and healthy lifestyle in your school and community? (1 -20 points)

• Recognition, awards, honours and scholarships (1 to a maximum of 10 points).

Deadline: March 1     Number: 12

Value: $750

The Leonard Foundation Scholarship

Preference will be given to children of ordained clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school teachers, Canadian military, members of the engineering institute of Canada and members of the mining and metallurgical institute of Canada.

Deadline: March 15 (each year)     Number: approx. 140                        Value: $1,000-$1,500

Atlantic Scholars Scholarship

Awarded to the top academic applicants to the Faculty of Agriculture who have shown a commitment to their community through extra-curricular activities.

Deadline: March 15, (each year)     Value: $10,000 (per year)

Organic Studies Bursary

A student entering first year of post-secondary studies in organic agriculture. Must have high school average to date of 75%.

Deadline: March 15 (each year)           Number: 1                     Value: $750

The John Helou Scholarship

Will award up to two exceptional Canadian youth with the financial support they need to overcome the financial obstacles that come with a personal or familial diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The recipients must be enrolled in a science,technology, engineering or math undergraduate program

Eligible applicants must:

  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • at least an 85% (or equivalent)
  • be planning on enrolling full time in a Canadian, American or Foreign university, specifically in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) program
  • be high school seniors or graduates who have MS or who have an immediate family member with MS
  • demonstrate leadership and/or community participation through two reference letters from a non-family member (min. one academic);
  • include a written submission (max. 800 words) on the relationship of MS in the student’s life and how their course of study will guide them on a path that will impact people living with MS
  • demonstrate financial need.

Due Date – March 31st 

Amount - $25,000

Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association Bursary

Awarded to a deserving  student continuing with post secondary education. Criteria: Male or female, does not have to be daughter/son of a fisher, demonstrates financial need, good academic standing. Students are asked to submit a 300 word essay on "The impact that growing up in a small coastal community has on your decision to pursue a post-secondary education and the importance of giving back to your community."   

Amount - 2 prizes of $2000     Due Date - March 31st.

Canadian Right of Way Educational Foundation
A scholarship awarded to a graduating high school student who is entering a full time course of study in any of the various fields impacting the “right of way” profession (such as law, surveying, engineering, planning, real property appraisal). 
Deadline: March 31st (of each year)
Number: 1
Value: $1000

Future Aces Foundation Scholarship and Citizenship Award
Open to students who exhibit exemplary citizenship qualities as represented in the Future ACES Philosophy:
• Attitude, Ability, Action, Achievement,
• Co-operation, Courage, Confidence, Education Empathy, Example, Service, Sportsmanship;
• extensive community service, volunteerism and commitment to humanitarian causes;
• be in need of financial assistance;
• provide evidence of the potential for success;
• be 16-24 years of age; Canadian resident enrolled in or pursuing a post-secondary school education.
Deadline: March 31st
Number: 30
Value: $1000


PEI Federation of Agriculture Scholarship

This scholarship is available to:

  • PEI Federation members, their spouses or children who are enrolled in a leadership program that helps expand their knowledge of the industry and promote leadership OR in a post‐secondary or graduate program
  • Unsuccessful applicants may apply in subsequent years
  • No applicant will be eligible for a second award
  • The successful candidate will be asked to provide confirmation of enrollment
  • Applicants will be screened and successful applicants will be selected for an interview

Applications will be evaluated on the following:

  • A 250 word summary outlining:
    • Farming Background
    • Industry involvement
    • Volunteer and Community Service
    •  Long term goals
  • Two letters of recommendation

Application deadline – April 1
Amount – $2000.00

Ringette PEI Scholarship
Designed to assist in covering the cost of post-secondary education for ringette players who demonstrate passion, commitment, and leadership in the sport of ringette.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • enrolled in full-time studies at a recognized post-secondary educational institution
  • actively participated in ringette for a minimum of 3 year(s) and who is currently registered within Ringette PEI

Application Process:

  1. Complete the application form and submit all required documentation
  2. Provide a letter explaining your academic goals, why you believe you deserve the scholarship, and how ringette has impacted your life
  3. Provide a ringette resume; include ringette involvement, awards you have received and any volunteer endeavours
  4. Provide two letters of reference (one from within the ringette community and one from outside the ringette community)
  5. Enclose an official transcript
  6. Provide a letter of acceptance from the Institution no later than April 20th.

Deadline: April 15th
Amount: $500

Credit Counselling Service Scholarship

Open to residents of Atlantic Canada (regardless of age) who will be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program in the up-coming academic year.

Deadline: April 30th
Value: $1000

Saint Dunstan’s University Undergraduate Scholarship $5,000

Applicants for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have maintained a minimum grade average of 85% over the final two years of a high school program.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an active involvement in their church on either a parish or diocesan level.
  • Aside from active involvement in their church, applicants should provide evidence of a range of extracurricular activity.
  • Successful applicants may hold other grants, scholarships, and bursaries (not including George Coles Bursary) totalling up to $5,000 per academic year.
  • In addition to a completed application form, applicants must provide two letters of reference.
  • Applicants who meet the above criteria will be invited to a personal interview with the SDU Scholarship Committee.

Deadline: April 15th 

Assumption Foundation Scholarships

Available to students who attained certain academic standards and who have financial needs. The applicant needs to be enrolled as a full-time student in a a post-secondary institution and be a Canadian citizen. The applicant must also show an average of 70%.

Deadline: April 30 (each year)
Number: 6
Value: $1500

PEI Command Bursary Application (PDF)

The Provincial Command of The Royal Canadian Legion has established a bursary program which will make available annually FIVE SEPARATE bursary awards in the amount of $500.00 EACH, to be awarded to selected children, grandchildren or great grandchildren of Veterans. These are established to support students who are acquiring a post secondary education. Education can be academic, vocational and technical forms of training.
See the form attached or visit Student Services for an application,
Due April 30th.

Value $500

Kingsboro Baptist Church Bursary

Awarded to a deserving SRS student continuing with post secondary education. Teachers will choose
Amount – $250


Community Foundation PEI Scholarships

Community Foundation PEI Scholarships have set up this link to take you directly to more than 20 different scholarships for island students to choose from. Most awards are between $1000 and $2000 amounts.

With complete directions on how to apply, you need to create an account first, then follow the step-by-step instructions! 

All awards are due May 1st, midnight!

Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) Scholarship

The Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) offers two $1000 Tourism Hospitality Scholarships each year to a PEI resident enrolled or who has applied to a recognized tourism hospitality program at either a college or university level. The objective of the scholarship is to attract professional workers to the Prince Edward Island tourism industry.
Due: May 1
Amount $1000

    PEI Industrial Technology Teachers Association Bursary

    Four bursaries, valued at $100 each awarded annually.

    Bursary Selection Committee consists of PEI Technology Teachers Association


    • Planning on pursuing a career related to a skilled trade.
    •   Student has taken a minimum of three skilled trade courses. (Automotive, Carpentry, and Welding)
    • Reference (no letter required) from current member of PEI Industrial Technology Teachers Association.
    • Please include resume with cover letter outlining why skilled trade courses have been valuable, relevant, or important to applicant.
    • Students can pick applications up in Student Services or from Mr Wood/Mr Peters

    Due Date – May 1st

    Learning Matters Education Charity 

    Bursaries are made available to Canadian undergraduate post-secondary students who intend to make a positive contribution to Canadian society, and who have a demonstrated financial need.

    Due May 7th
    Amount – $2500

    Souris Credit Union Scholarships


    • Applicant, parent(s), or legal guardian must be an active member of a credit union on Prince Edward Island.
    • The applicant must be a full-time Grade 12 student during the 2022-23 academic year.
    • The applicant must be planning to attend a recognized University or College for the 2023-24 school year. 
    1. Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who encompass a well-rounded character. We are looking for involvement in the community, taking initiative in leadership roles and your overall performance as a student.
    2. Consideration will be given to the following criteria:
      • Community involvement
      • Extra-curricular activities
      • Career goals
      • Leadership roles
      • Work accomplishments while attending high school (if applicable)

    Application Process:

    1. All applications must include the following documentation on hand in order to complete the application:
      • Proof of acceptance to a recognized university or college.
      • A reference letter from a previous teacher, employer, community group/organization of which the applicant is a member of/involved in.
      • A transcript of marks from the educational institution the applicant is currently attending.
    2. Once the application is submitted you will receive an automated notification through email that we have received it.
    3. The application will then be distributed to the Bursary selection committee.
    4. Only one application per student will be accepted.
    5. The scholarship will be paid to the educational institution you have been accepted to and is not renewable.

    Due Date – May 5th

    Souris Coop Bursary

    Criteria: son or daughter of Co-op member, attending post secondary in the fall. Students are asked for a one page write up on :

    1. How is the Co-op Grocery store different from other grocery stores (do research and ask family)?    

    2. How has Souris Co-op affected you, your family and the greater community around you (be specific with examples)? Quality of Letters and Parental support of co-op are key factors in determining winners.

    Please include your post secondary plans (school and career).

    Students can hand in write-up to Ms MacGregor Harris, email it to, or drop it off at the Souris Coop.

    4 prizes @ $500 made out to post secondary institution

    Due – May 5th

    Sport PEI Scholarships

    Four (4) scholarships of $1000.00 each to Island student-athletes. There will be two (2) male and two (2) female scholarships awarded.

    To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Are graduating from a Prince Edward Island High School;
    • Have excelled in high school and or provincial sports during the current school year;
    • Have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities through volunteerism and sport
    • Have maintained a strong academic standing during the current school year;
    • Are entering 1st year at a post-secondary institution in the fall of the current year.

    Applications for the scholarship must include the following items with the application form:

    • List and prioritize your five (5) most outstanding sport achievements. (Please be specific, e.g. 1st team All-Star AA Field Hockey, Bronze medal at Canadian Judo Championships-Junior division, -44 kg).
    • List your extra-curricular activities in sport (coaching, officiating).
    • Detail your future plans in sport.
    • Two (2) Letters of Reference (sport and/or leadership).
    • Copy of Official Academic Record (Transcript).

    Deadline for applications is May 11
    Amount – $1000


    Arsenault Brothers Ltd Scholarship

    This award is presented to an outstanding individual who is kind, caring, humble, and shows leadership skills and is of good character who is pursuing a career in carpentry.

    Qualifications 1. Pursuing post-secondary education in the trades 2. Exhibit the qualities outlined in the statement above. 3. One page essay on how you meet the qualities in the statement below:

    “How will your leadership skills and character help you pursue your goal of entering carpentry.”

    Email essays to   

    Amount - $1000.00

    Due Date May 14


    The PEI Roadrunners Bursary

    The Prince Edward Island Roadrunners Club is granting two $200 bursaries to graduating high school students. Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

    • Graduating from a PEI high school
    • Entering college or university in the fall
    • Participated in running events during their grade 12 year

    The deadline for applications is May 14th 2022.

    SDU Board of Governors Award

    The SDU Board of governor’s Award is available to graduating high school students in good academic standing who have demonstrated ability in citizenship, leadership and service to community, church and school. This award is a non- renewable $1,000 award to students entering a post secondary institution. A minimum of one award per PEI High School will be given. Application deadline is NOW August 31st of the current academic year. 

    Applicants for this award must meet the following criteria:

    • submit a transcript of your high school marks
    • provide your post-secondary school I.D. number
    • provide a letter of reference from a staff member
    • write a brief essay outlining your extracurricular and voluntary activities (e.g. school, church, community, etc.)

    Due Date – August 31
    Amount – $1500

    Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association Member Scholarships Application Form (PDF)
    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Applicants must be related to a member of the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association.
    • Applicants must have graduated from a Prince Edward Island high school in June and be accepted as first-year students in an accredited post-secondary institution. (Please provide a copy of the acceptance letter from your institution
    • get a copy for the application form from Student Services, fill out and mail it in to the address provided on the application form.

     Deadline: May 14th    

    Value: $1000 

    PEISAA BRODIE McCARTHY “Student Athlete of the Year” Award

    Criteria:  Each High School may submit 1 (one) application to the PEISAA for consideration for this award.  

    The student must be in Grade 12 and meeting requirements to graduate in the current year.This is not an academic award, however it is a “Student Athlete” award and therefore the student must have an average over 70% during their Grade 12 year. 

    The student must have participated in at least 2 (two) PEISAA sanctioned sports during their Grade 12 year, individual or team sports.

    The applications will be reviewed and judged based on the following:

    1) They have at least a 70% average in grade 12

    2) Participation in PEISAA sanctioned activities during their grade 12 year

    3) Outstanding display of  “Being a Good Sport” when participating in PEISAA events.

    4) Involvement in other activities within their school

    5) Involvement in the community, volunteer work, etc.

    Two reference letters must be submitted with the application.  These must be from:

    a) Coach of a sport they participated in

    b) Teacher from the school familiar but not involved in sports they participated in

    An SRS subcommittee will determine which application to nominate to be forwarded to the PEISAA. Applications can be picked up outside Student Services.

    All applications must be received by the PEISAA by the last Friday in May.

    Value - $500

    Due Date to SRS Sub Committee:  Friday, May 19th. 

    Paul Trainor Memorial Scholarship

    Available to PEI high school students attending UPEI or Holland College.

    To be eligible, applicants must meet the following criteria

    • Must be attending UPEI or Holland College;

    • Have demonstrated an outstanding sports attitude;

    • Have demonstrated a financial need;

    • Have maintained an average of 65% or above;

    • Must be entering 1st year at a post-secondary institution in the fall of the current year as a full-time student.

    Deadline: May 18th 

    Amount - $1000

    The Conrad MacDonald Memorial Bursary  

    Awarded to a deserving SRS student continuing with post secondary education who is involved in extracurricular activities at SRS, has a strong sense of community, and demonstrates strength and resilience in their life. Preference will be given to members or supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. Students who qualify are asked to submit a 300-500 word essay on how they meet the above criteria. Conrad’s wish was to make the rest of the time he had with us wonderful. In your essay please also talk about how you will make the future wonderful for yourself and the people around you. Essays are to be emailed to 

    Amount - $1500 

    Due date  May 20th 

    PEI Mutual Scholarship 

    Awarded to one graduating student of SRS in the 2023 class who is attending a post secondary institution, must have good academic standing and demonstrate financial need. Application must include an essay on why you think you are deserving of the award. Students can pick up an application in Student Services. 

    Due Date: Wednesday, May 24th to Ms MacGregor Harris
    Amount: $1000

    The STRIVE Scholarship 

    Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Montague and Eastern PEI. This award recognizes “Students Taking Renewed Interest in the Value of Education” and is awarded to a student who shows significant improvement in overall performance in their Grade 12 year in areas including attendance, participation, achievement, and attitude, and who is continuing their education at an eligible post-secondary institution.  

    If you wish to be considered for this award. you will be asked to respond to a question provided on the grad google classroom page, May 22nd, 2023.  Include detail to support your answer, please keep answers to 300 words or less. 

    Due May 29th, Amount $1000

    Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship

    The Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students from family farms in their final year of high school who will be attending a Canadian post-secondary (degree or diploma program) in a first-year agricultural program. Successful applicants will each be awarded a scholarship valued at $1500, based on demonstrated academic standards and leadership in the community. Selection will be made by an independent panel. An application form must be accompanied by references, a university or college acceptance letter, the final high school transcript, and an essay. Application deadline is May 30.

    PEI Women’s Institute Education Scholarship Application

    A $500 scholarship award annually to a PEI student, age 17-25 years, enrolled in any post-secondary institution for a minimum of one school year or 28 weeks. The applicant’s mother, grandmother or guardian must be a PEIWI member. Applicants will be judged based on self-motivation, community spirit and need. Highest marks are not necessary to receive to receive this scholarship.

    Deadline: May 31 

    Cahill Construction Prize

    $1000 – can be split @ $500 each

    Write a 250-500 word essay on the types of volunteer opportunities you have experienced, how much time was spent doing this work as well as what you gained from this work. Include examples of determination and drive in pursuit of post secondary goals as well as financial need. Completed essays can be forwarded to Due date – May 31st (COVID-19 date is June 8th, 2020)

    John Deere Canada 4-H Scholarship

    Available across Canada to 4-H members in good standing who plan to pursue a post-secondary education at a Canadian college or university in the field of engineering, agricultural/mechanical trades, science, business or health.

    Deadline: May 31
    Number: 15

    National Student Awards Program

    The NEADS National Student Awards Program is offered to encourage full access to post-secondary education for persons with disabilities, who often have greater barriers to participation in higher education, as well as extra costs because of their disabilities. Students must currently be registered in and continuing at post-secondary institution and provide documented proof of registration as part of the application and on receipt of the award.

    Deadline: May 31, 2023

    The YEAR | ONE Program

    will award 10 bursaries worth $2,500 each to encourage and support first-year students as they embark on their academic journey. Students entering their first year of post-secondary education in September 2023
    can submit their applications today by heading to
    Candidates must demonstrate the following qualities:
    Entrepreneurial, spirit or change-making drive, creativity & innovation, leadership & teamwork, positive impact focus

    Due May 31st

    The Architects Association of PEI Scholarship Fund

    Open to a Prince Edward Island student who graduated from a PEI High School and is accepted into a recognized architectural program.


    • Must have been a previous PEI High School Graduate.
    • Enrolled in full-time studies in a Canadian or American architectural degree program.
    • Demonstrates academic achievement, performance in projects, design ability, leadership ability, and concern for the welfare of others.

    Closes- June 1

    Joseph Spriet Scholarship

    Open to a student who has successfully completed one year post-secondary; OR have graduated high school and have been in the work force for at least one year post graduation; OR entering a post-secondary institution that offers accommodations for learners with disabilities. Must be pursuing full time studies in Human Services, Business, Sports or Agriculture.

    Deadline: June 1
    Number: 1

    Canadian Sanitation Supply Association Scholarship Program

    Open to all Canadian students who will be attending college or university in Canada. Winning applicants will be those who achieved a high level of academic and leadership qualities over the years.

    Deadline: June 2
    Number: 3 (1 in Atlantic Canada, 1 in medicine & 1 in education)

    Brady McCloskey Photography

    A prize of $200 donated by Brady McCloskey Photography awarded to a deserving SRS student continuing with post secondary education in a creative field. If no student in this field then a student enrolled in a business program or showing a passion for entrepreneurship.

    Students who qualify are asked to submit a paragraph on why he or she is deserving of this award.

    Due Date – June 6th

    Earl F. Smith Athletic Scholarship

    Administered by Sport PEI, this award is given to an outstanding PEI high school athlete. The SRS scholarship committee will review applications and chose one nominee from the school to submit to Sport PEI. Students must include a 1 page letter with their application.

    For more information, please contact Sport PEI at or at 902-368-4110.

    Deadline: June 8
    Number: 1
    Value: $1,000 **To be handed to Student Services

    The Kidney Foundation of Canada Atlantic Branch

    Four $500 bursaries, one for each of the Atlantic Provinces this year. Application can be picked up in student services.


    Students that are returning to school in the fall and whose families are affected financially by kidney disease.

    Deadline is June 14, 2019

    Completed applications can be emailed to

    Candidates must be Canadian citizens residing in NB, NS or PEI. They also must be enrolled full time at a Canadian University or College in a broadcasting related program.

    AIA and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UofAF) Scholarship Program

    Selected candidates receive a $1,000 (Canadian) scholarship. While all students are encouraged to apply, priority in awarding scholarships will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket. As a bonus, a matching grant is awarded to scholarship recipients who become technicians in the automotive aftermarket. 


    • Qualified applicants must either be a graduating high school senior or have graduated from high school within the past two years.
    • Applicants must be enrolled in a college-level program, university or an accredited automotive program. Students must be enrolled full-time for the year of the scholarship.  You must be enrolled for September of the year you are applying until April of the following year.
    • Priority will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket.
    • Participants must be attending a full-time program in Canada. Graduate programs and undergraduate part-time programs do not qualify.


    • Scholarship application along with your essay (at least 250 words in length, no longer than one page, double-spaced), indicating why you believe you deserve to be chosen to receive a scholarship.
    • If you are still attending high school or have graduated but not yet entered your post-secondary program, you must submit a high school transcript. NOTE: Transcripts without an official raised school seal will not be accepted.
    • If you are attending a post-secondary program, a copy of your current school transcript with official school seal. NOTE: Transcripts without an official raised school seal will not be accepted.
    • Letter of recommendation (from a non family member, preferably an employer, teacher or someone other than a family friend).

    Deadline: June 15 (each year)
    Number: Not Specified.
    Value: $1,000

    The Bothwell Beach Fund 

    In memory of Wallace Smith, this prize supports Souris Regional graduates pursuing vocational training and further education in the health sector.  Awarded  to two students, 1 female, 1 male pursuing a trades related occupation, preference for students entering the health industry but if no one, then general trades

    Wallace Smith was born in New York City on March 29, 1943. He grew up in the Bronx and Darien, and went to college at Hamilton. His life was one of adventure and activism guided by his passions which included travel, education and the arts, biking, meeting new people, and his dogs.  In the 1970s, he built a homestead on Prince Edward Island, where he and his wife Barbara had 3 sons. He spent several years with his family living in Zimbabwe. Ultimately, he settled in South Strafford, Vermont.  Wally was a teacher at Charles Wright Academy (WA), at rural schools in Zimbabwe, Orford, New Hampshire Middle School, and the University of Maryland. He was also a journalist (Guardian & Eastern Graphic, on P.E.I), an avid cyclist and an activist in anti-war, climate change, migrant justice, anti-racism, and environmental protection initiatives. His love of bicycles and meeting new people led to many adventures as a tour leader with Bike Vermont.  He journeyed with Barbara across Cuba, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, the Canadian Maritimes and the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Wally enjoyed sharing these experiences with others through photography, hosting slideshows, and authoring Bicycling Cuba and Biking the Maritimes. He was active in several charitable organizations, including Farmers Helping Farmers, Zienzele, Migrant Justice, and the Strafford Edible Pocket Park.  Wally lived a vigorous life until his last day. He died August 15, 2022, at age 79, in Souris, Prince Edward Island.
    Criteria: A candidate should embody Wallace's love for travel education and helping others. Candidates should be recognized by their teachers and peers as compassionate, motivated, and meaningfully invested in their families and community.  
    Amount: 2 awards, one male/one female @ $500 each
    Due Date: Teachers to select, successful candidates to be announced at graduation in June

    Brudenell Golf Scholarship

    Applicants must be members at Brudenell in the year of application and immediately preceding.
    Must show achievement in golf, academics and intentions to pursue further education at a recognized post-secondary institution. Pick up application at Student Services.

    Deadline: June 30
    Number: 1
    Value: $500

    Harry K Simmonds Quality Golf Scholarship

    For a student who has achieved an overall average of 75% in their last year of high school who has exhibited a level of excellence in golf and has been participating in junior golf development program at Brudenell.

    • Check Student services for applications.

    Deadline: June 30th
    Number: 1
    Value: $500

    PEI Foundation for People with Disabilities – Alice & Roy Bruce Memorial Scholarship Application (PDF)

    Applicants must have a permanent disability and be a permanent resident of PEI. To be awarded annually towards the cost of a post-secondary education at a recognized educational institution

    Deadline: June 30 
    Number: 4

    Canadian Sea Cadet Scholarship


    • Sea Cadet Service
      • Applicants must have participated in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program for a minimum of 24 months
    • Qualifying Programs
      • Applicants must be applying for post secondary education at a university or community college course leading to a degree or diploma or a post secondary training program that will lead to certification in a recognized profession.
    • Aging Out
      • A cadet who is in the training program is eligible to apply in June of that training year. (Example; a Cadet Who ages out in November may apply in June Of the following year.)
    • Not Aging Out
      • A Cadet who does not age out and remains active in the program while attending the first year of post secondary education may apply for program scholarship for the second year of the program.
    • Gap Year
      • Cadets who decide to take a break of not more than 24 months between completing high school and starting a post secondary education program may apply for a scholarship in the year that they are going to recommence their formal education.
    • Special Cases
      • Applicants who seek exemptions from these rules will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Exception
      • These scholarships will not be granted to applicants who enroll in the Canadian Forces Regular Officer Training Plan.
    • Funds
      • Scholarships are made payable to the institution that the recipient is attending.

    Application Due: June 30


    Canadian National Pensioners Association: 

    The CNPA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is sponsored by the National Council of CN Pensioners (CNPA).  Its purpose is to financially assist the educational pursuit and career development of families of the CN Pensioners Association Contributing Members.  Subject to annual CNPA approval, the Program provides 25 - $1500 one-year scholarships for each
    fall school year.  The scholarships are distributed and available as follows: five $1,500 scholarships in each of the 5 Canadian regions (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie, and Mountain).

    The GameSheet Scorekeeper Scholarship (for hockey or Lacrosse)

    a one-time award of $1000, given out to 4 deserving students who will be continuing their education in September following their graduation from High School.  

    Complete the application form, (the link is aboce) and provide a letter of recommendation from an individual that can attest to your work as a scorekeeper. This could include your employer, or a league or association representative or a game official or a teacher. The referee should be somebody other than your highschool contact indicated in the application.

    This reference letter should address your work ethic and other personal qualities that would make you a good candidate for this scholarship. What has made you an outstanding scorekeeper, and an invaluable part of the game.

    Applications are reviewed by the GameSheet Scholarship Committee and the recipients are announced in July. Applicants are evaluated based on their personal letter, reference letters, and application form equally.

    Due June 30th


    Foster Children Bursary Program

    Storwell offers an annual bursary of $2,000 in support of foster children to help them attend post-secondary schools and to offer a hand up as they make their way forward in life.  Deadline is September 1st.  To apply please go to

    James Lee Foundation Scholarship

    Open to emerging creative talent from across Canada wanting to enter into the advertising industry. Entrants must be non-professional Canadian residents over the age of 16. All fields of creativity related to the advertising community will be considered. Upload a link to a portfolio that you host with a maximum of 10 pieces to the JLF website. In addition to your portfolio, please provide your contact information and a paragraph (max. 200 words) explaining how the funds would help you to pursue your creative path.

    Deadline: September 15
    Number: 1
    Value: up to $5000


    The Canadian Morehead-Cain Award

    Nominees complete their applications, and a team of readers make initial assessments and make recommendations.

    • full tuition
    • housing/meals
    • books and a laptop

    Deadline: October 1st  Value:  a four-year merit scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    The Loran Scholars Program Scholarships

    Character, service and leadership are the selection criteria for the Loran Scholar program. Open to every graduating high school student from coast-to-coast. Renewable for up to four years, it includes an annual tuition waiver and a stipend of $9,000, access to funding and internships through our summer program, invitations to annual gatherings and forums, and one-on-one mentorship. 


    Be in the graduating year of uninterrupted full-time studies in high school. Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%. Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status

    Applications can be found at the following site 

    Deadline: October 12th (before 8 pm Eastern Time)

    Number: 30

    Value: $80,000







    Terry Fox Humanitarian Scholarship
    For recognition of humanitarian volunteer work, qualities of citizenship, while in pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics and amateur sport, fitness, health, and volunteer service.

    Deadline: December 1 (of every year)
    Number: 20
    Value: $7000

    D & R Sobey Atlantic Scholarship

    The D&R Sobey Atlantic Scholarship is awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Current resident of one of the four Atlantic Provinces
    •  Entering first year of the undergraduate Commerce program at Queen’s School of Business
    • Academic excellence
    • Involvement in school or community activities
    • Proven leadership

    Valued at $75,000 per student, the scholarship is awarded in equal amounts of $18,750 annually throughout the four-year undergraduate Commerce program. It is renewable provided that a minimum 75% average is achieved in the first year of study and a minimum 80% average is achieved in each subsequent year while enrolled in a full course load.

    Deadline: December 1
    Number: 6
    Value: $75,000